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The government is committed to tackling pay inequality between men and women. Following a consultation period with interested parties, it proposed in 2016 that any company with over 250 employees would be obliged annually to report upon the pay that the respective genders receive within its organisation, to explain why any potential gap existed and to announce which measures it was taking to narrow the gap.  Legislation was duly passed in 2017 and the reporting regime has come into effect.

Although under employment law agency workers are not classed as employees, for the purposes of a gender pay gap reporting exercise they are indeed in scope and so, as an employment business supplying temporary workers – primarily to the construction industry – Corepeople Recruitment is required to comply with this new reporting regime. Indeed, as an employer fully committed to the principle of workplace equality, we are happy to do so, and as well as publishing results for our workforce as a whole, over which we can exercise little control as our clients generally dictate pay rates, we have also undertaken the same task for our directly employed colleagues.

Corepeople Recruitment Gender Pay Gap Report

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