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Q. How do I change my bank details?
A. You must notify our payroll team as soon as there are any changes to the bank details we are currently using. We are unable to take bank details over the telephone and strongly recommend you do not email such details to us. Ideally we will fax, post or email a BACS form to you and request the completed version is returned via post.

Q. What happens if I don’t have a P45?
A. In the absence of a P45, payroll will suggest you complete a P46, which would be included in your assignment information pack. We must have the original form rather than a faxed or scanned version, so a replacement can be sent to you via post.

Q. How do I complete a timesheet?
A. Completion of timesheets is your responsibility as the temporary worker. We suggest you use the timesheet daily to keep an accurate record of your hours worked, requesting your direct line manager sign the sheet on a Friday (of the week worked). Any errors or mistakes on the timesheet must be initialled and use of correction fluid is forbidden.

Once completed and signed, the timesheet must be sent to our payroll team by 5pm the following Monday to ensure payment is made into your bank account by Friday.

Q. How much holiday do I have available?
A. The amount of holiday available for you to take is illustrated weekly on your payslip, presented in weeks or part weeks. If you are unsure of your available holiday, please contact our payroll team directly on 0191 374 1772.

Q. How do I claim holiday?
A. Holiday can only be paid for full days or half days, not by the hour. You are unable to claim for holidays on a day you are actually working and claiming paid hours. For one or more days’ holiday, you must write across the relevant day column “Paid Holiday” and ensure the timesheet is signed in the normal way. If you wish to take a full week’s holiday, write “Paid Holiday” across the full week. Even if you have a full week’s holiday, timesheets must be submitted as normal, but in this case it does not need to be signed by your line manager.

Q. What if I claim for holiday and there are insufficient funds in my holiday account?
A. We can only pay holiday if the accrued amount is available. For example, if you claim for 5 days (a full week) but you only have 3 days available, we will only pay for 3 days. Please ensure you are aware of the amount of holiday you have available before you claim.

Q. Will I lose any unclaimed holiday?
A. If you finish an assignment, then commence in another Corepeople temporary position almost immediately, your holiday accrual is likely to continue. If your assignment is completed with no further work taken and you have holiday pay still unclaimed, it will be paid to you a week after your last timesheet has been processed.

Your holiday year commences on the day you start an assignment. If you are nearing your 12 month anniversary, you must ensure you make adequate provision to take any unclaimed holiday before you reach the 12 month date. Any holiday remaining beyond 12 months will be lost.

Q. Can I claim expenses?
A. Expenses are assignment specific and are dependent on the nature of work. Any expenses available will be detailed within your assignment confirmation letter and must be agreed with the client before you incur costs. Please do not assume you will receive expenses without checking directly with your Corepeople consultant.

If expenses are applicable, Corepeople will issue an expenses form which will need to be signed by the client and submitted with your timesheet.

Q. What if the client operates a flexi-time system?
A. Your working hours will be agreed prior to you accepting an assignment and are decided by the person you will be reporting to directly on-site with the client. It is entirely at the client’s discretion whether they allow you to work on a flexi-time basis, and Corepeople must be made aware of any alterations to the pre-agreed working hours.

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